Tuesday, 2 February 2010

My own hands would throttle me [if only they could reach]

I’m all recovered from my back injury and was just itching to get back into the gym this week, so I hit it with vigour and a new respect for proper technique.

The kettlebells will be resting for a few days, well at least until my appointment with the super cute personal trainer at the gym, where I hope he helps prevent me from sustaining another muppet injury [I’m sure Kermit NEVER has these problems] and can ‘improve my technique’ [stop sniggering at the back you lot]

So I checked out some body weight training routines [ via the lovely Anna @ pathtofatloss and zuzana @ bodyrocktv]

So this is what I’ve done over the last two days:
This workout [oh to have a butt like this woman!]
This workout [this was slightly improvised, as I aint quite ready for gymnastic rings quite yet]
assisted chin ups
assisted tricep dips
these ere both done on a machine like this

3 x 15 hip extensions
3 x 15 kneeling press ups
skipping x 200
3 x 15 squats + raised knee to chest
3 x 15 weighted squats
1 x 15 clean and press
1 x 15 assisted chin ups
1 x 15 assisted tricep dips
3 x 30sec plank on the power plate
20mins interval training on treadmill [5 mins warm up 5 sets of 60sec spint/60sec rest, 5 mins cool down]

My chest and arms are right in the huff with me right now, I’ve been struggling to type all day. Bloody press ups! I swear, one day I’ll break my nose when my arms fail during a press up set but I'm hoping I'll be able to console myself with my sculpted, gorgeous arms!

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