Tuesday, 12 January 2010

The big 'O'

So I have a confession. A tough, embarrassing confession but here it is…I’m ‘clinically obese’. This may not be a surprise to some of you but hey, there it is in glorious black text.

I remember the first time someone revealed this cold, hard fact to me. It was 6-7yrs ago now, with my less than sympathetic Glaswegian doctor, when told that I wasn’t really feeling great, decided that a no nonsense ‘it is because you are overweight, in fact you’re clinically obese’ kind of answer, was just the tonic I needed. WhythankyouverymuchNOT, my evil, medically trained nemesis. I went into an immediate depression, outright denial and hand-permanently-stuck-in-a-bag-of-chips syndrome that pretty much remained for several years.

Obesity is all over the TV news, in newspapers, on the internet, with everyone weighing in [ahem] on the debate. The daily fail, just one of the many harbingers or doom, like to blame us for crippling the NHS, inviting in more damn immigrants and bringing down the Labour government [I jest about the last two]. For me ‘Obese’ has always made me think of those poor sods who have to suffer the humiliation of being removed from their beds by crane and although I knew I was overweight, I was certain I was far from having to get in touch with my local JCB hire company. So, last year, I finally came clean, admitted I was in denial and made a choice to fight the war against my fat arse and hopefully win. So far I have lost approx 2 stone [the festive relaxation mode and subsequent weight gain explains the ‘approx’] and will need to lose another 1.5 stone [21 pounds] to be considered out of the ‘Obese’ and into the ‘Overweight’ category. This leaves a further 1.5 stone to get myself into the ‘normal weight’ category. So, a full 3 stone [42 pounds] to magically make vanish. Joy ☺

The deadline is my brother’s wedding [bridesmaid dress, ack!!!], which is 15 weeks away. This means an approx loss of 2.8lbs per week, which surprisingly, is totally doable and the recommended weekly weight loss by WW themselves. I suppose getting my jaw wired shut would be cheating ya?

So, who is with me?


  1. I'm with you lady! My ex-housemate from Uni has invited me to her wedding in August. So feel the need to be equal to/ less than the weight i was when she last saw me. Pathetic but true. But the thought of being in wedding pictures which will no doubt be in circulation for years and years to come does spur me on. Happy days. xx

  2. Yay, thanks Lou! Cue us now boring our colleagues to death with our diet and fitness chat. That or we will be doing stretches in bookings much to the amusement of our clients!!