Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Early mornings [yawn]

I have been reading the blog Zen Habits recently and decided to give his recommendation of getting up early a try. Now in the middle of a cold, dark British winter this is no mean feat but hey it's 05:45, I got up at 5am, it is minus 4 out there and I will be going to the gym! The benefits of getting up early for me are I get my exercise in early, which has always been the best route for me. I feel energised, ready for the day and know that it is done. Another benefit is I get my bed made [not helped by Chester, see below, stoopid cat]

I also get the opportunity to tidy my room or do a bit of blogging, reading or just getting myself in the right mental space for the day. It is way too early to tell of course [excuse the pun] but I think, being a morning person anyway, this may be the start of something good. Getting to bed early the night before is an absolute must but as I promised myself less crap telly and more reading this year, this too should be relatively easy.

Now to organise my music for my run and off to the gym I go.

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