Sunday, 24 January 2010

small victory

Three weeks in to my new lifestyle change / exercise regime [or torturous punishment, whichever way you wanna look at it] and I thought I would give you a bit of an update before I rush off to my yoga class. I’m planning a post about how I have changed my eating habits and some examples of what I am eating daily to keep the calorie deficit in place but just wanted to share my current success.

Since starting [in earnest] on the 4th Jan 2010 I have lost the nasty 6 pounds I managed to accumulate during my three month ‘back to my lazy ways’ period, so woo hoo for me!! [I always think in terms of 500g bags of sugar to represent each pound, so think 6 x bags of sugar!!!]. I found some measurements from Sep 2008 and compared my tussle with the tape measure this morning, means I’ve lost 10inches lost across my body as well, so another woo hoo for me!!!

In summary, from Jan 2009:
Weight lost so far = 26lbs
Inches lost so far = 10

I’m feeling pretty chuffed with that, will certainly help motivate my lazy ass this week, to keep doing what I’m doing, because it is clearly working! I may post some before and after pictures when I come back from yoga [my zen state may well make me do it, so be warned]

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