Wednesday, 6 January 2010

dance tastic

So instead of my run tomorrow, my Thursday morning workout is gonna be a dance/aerobic type workout, following the Tracy Anderson method, the workout I'll be doing [please ignore any references to Gwyneth Paltrow or Madonna] you can see here.

I'll just be repeating that routine for 45mins to an hour depending on how much energy I can muster and how long I can keep going. Have worked out my playlist for tomorrow and it is as follows:

Toxic - Britney Spears
Shot You Down - Audiobullys
Satisfaction/Party started - Benassi & Pink
Yeah Yeah - Bodyrockers
Dont Give Up - dance mix - Bryan Adams
I'm not alone - Calvin Harris
Better the Devil You know - Kylie
Get Together - Madonna
Sexyback - Justin Timberlake
Poker Face - Lady Ga Ga
One Two Step - Ciara
Star Guitar - Chemical Brothers
Superstylin - Groove Armada
Enjoy the Silence - remix - Depeche Mode

What would your dance playlist be?


  1. Oh I like that playlist. I need to do myself a running list for when this snow goes and my local park is no longer a death trap. What will be on it? Hmm. Eye of the Tiger works quite well. And Lose Yourself, Eminem - great rythm for running that one.

  2. For running I need quite a high and consistent bpm, so I really love good house music. I download running podcasts from itunes, they really do the trick in keeping you motivated and just at the right moment when you feel yourself flagging, a great beat keeps you going.