Sunday, 10 January 2010

Week One = Done!

So the ever dreaded first week of January is over and if I am honest, it was a tough one. I thought I had done quite well until about 3pm today when I just had to take my exhaustificated body for a nap! It is no wonder really as I managed all the workouts I had planned from Monday to Saturday and stuck to my WW points everyday, with a 2.5lbs weight loss at my weigh in today, result!!!

I wont lie, my body has ached most of the week, particularly after a tough body pump class on Tuesday [gotta love weighted squats] and getting up early on these cold and icy mornings has not been easy but it is done and I know that I am capable. These are the things that helped me this week:

• I planned every meal for the week on Sunday, bought all the ingredients necessary and made a big pot of veg soup to portion off and freeze. That meant I knew what I was eating each day and there was no temptation to snack on anything calorific.
• I packed my bag the night before with clothes for the next day and put out my gym clothes to get into as soon as I woke.
• I got up early each day and did my workout in the morning, getting it out of the way for the day. This really works for me but others may prefer an evening workout.
• I set out a good mix of cardio and weight/resistance training for the week, to keep it fresh

These are habits I hope to continue, with the hope that they will become automatic and help me on my path to becoming fitter and healthier.

How was your week?

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