Sunday, 3 January 2010

The Villians and I

By way of introducing myself and how I got here, I thought best to reveal the two main villains I’ve spent the best part of 15 years getting to know. Let me introduce you, they are ‘Greedy’ and “Lazy’.

Greedy came into my life around about the age of 6 when, not content with my own packet of sweets, I helped myself to my baby brother’s. My mum shouted that it was bad to be greedy. My defiant little self made a decision that when old enough to choose for myself, I would have as much as I damn well wanted, with nobody to tell me no! So Greedy got real comfy and settled in for the ride. Lazy made an appearance in my early 20’s where the student lifestyle swiftly unraveled years of being active and I got quite used to not doing any exercise other than lifting my hand to my mouth. It is no wonder the weight piled on and the lifestyle stuck. In the last 15 yrs I have managed to go from approx 120lbs to, at my heaviest, 210lbs.

At the start of 2009, the penny dropped. I had put on more weight over the festive season and I was sick of being fat, tired and unhappy with myself. I made a commitment to watching what I eat and seriously ramped up my exercise. I told myself that I would not give in to the lazy and that Greedy no longer had a place at my table.

Although I'm already a year into my journey, I want to record my successes and failures as I believe this will be a good motivator to see how far I have come and what I have yet to achieve. Do feel free to comment if you have any useful tips!


  1. McTofu, you are an inspiration! I'm taking Benzie to the gym right now in celebration of your aim. x

  2. Aw thanks Lee!! Tell Benzie it has to be 20-30 weighted squats or it just aint worth it :)